Bistro Saint Dominique



Dominique is a new club that just opened right next to Segafredo Brickell. This spot has a strong French Bistro feel to it. The venue is embellished with cute oval black and white chairs laced around picnic tables and finished with trendy white chandeliers, which can be kind of confusing as to whether it’s a casual or an upscale place. This club/bistro offers food til 5 am, so whether you want to dance, drink, and eat, you might possibly have found your spot. There’s a small VIP area on a stage, right in front of the dance floor.  Today, this French club was pounds out Raggaeton music to an empty dance floor and a lonely kitchen.  I asked the promoter what the deal was with the empty dance floor, and he said it was their first promoted night. I guess we’ll have to check back in a few weeks!